News in Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An''s
If the ancient town of Hoi An, silent with the monuments, temples, assembly halls, narrow streets ... the beach resort town center not far from the tourist attractions of natural scenery make the wild Profile, fresh and very tasty specialties.
Besides fish, squid, shrimp, crab ... indispensable chem copy, you place a product of marine origin in the Central. Chem copy boiled, grilled, steamed and chem copy porridge, the food seemed very rustic and simple so that the "hypnosis" many travelers khach.Chem copy is a marine mussel, live in the dunes, hang it lies deep in fine sand. Chem copy larger the deeper the cave in, just bring people to scratch the patch, the night and scratch hardy new hours are more chem copy. Chem copy catch on, select the child to, freshest distributed to key (pubs, restaurants, hotels ...). Summer, on the morning (when the tide is up) or repurchase (at low tide) is a native fisherman I invite other slaves to rake chem tingle copy.

Who has ever witnessed a sight to scratch, sitting preferential sifted, washed and then preparations for cooking from chem copy, understand all love gifts from the sea but gift giving residents visitors.

Despite what any article processing, chem copy shall be thoroughly soak the rice washing with water or salt water mixed into the dish before. The most common are chem copy boil. For chem copy to the pot of boiling water with some lemon grass stalks retired stamping, sliced ??fresh chilli, a little sauce to taste salt. Chem copy is characterized by secretion of very sweet, so the process does not need fancy tasting the flavor is strong. Wait for the pot of broth is boiling in seven minutes. This dish is served with crunchy roll was great. Of fleshy fleshy cake, salty salty, tasted sweet, fat fat copy of chem, try delicious taste to it anywhere.

Baking dish chem own copy to select these "big" new taste. It's poetic way gradually let go when the sea was once the chem enjoy grilling with friends copy. Everyone gathered together around the kitchen coals fresh set each child up blisters. Wait chem copy is ripe mouth open. Just blowing medium shell balls, squeeze a little lemon juice, salt and pepper and then put water puffy. Then manually copy agitation chem eat with ginger leaves. Enjoy this helps you fragrant, fresh mouth ...

Single-way marine origin country of the people I was cooking porridge chem copy. Rice cleaning vo, is fried and then cooked into porridge cooked on the stove Riu Riu. Chem copy was steamed, remove meat and stir through the fragrant crew, all for the pot of boiling soup. Done more ripe crushed pepper, ginger crushed. Not half an hour, the cook has sprung up each soup bowl untouched suspected smoke, dotted by little green vegetables, little red peppers. Porridge chem copy not only nutritious but also quick to help visitors interpret the attacks say.

One day to the beach of Hoi An, after his bath in the cool blue waters and dropped his bare feet on the sand watching the beautiful sunrise rising from the island of Cu Lao Cham, then saw the fishermen fishing boats back to the bustling far from the sea, you do not miss the opportunity to enjoy spicy scented spicy flavor of ginger, lemongrass, sweet charming blend of chem copy.