News in Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An noodles fried fish
Diners began to feel comfortable when looking at the display means is attractive noodle dish on a small plastic tables in the small restaurant along the way.

Unlike bun cha Quy Nhon, nor as bun bo Hue, Hoi An noodles fried fish has its own unique appeal. It was a bowl of noodles to stasis U water is clear, the spread on slices of fried fried fish, fried fish steamed in white, smooth, sweet fried fish circle, a few slices of fresh bamboo shoots, chopped scallions and vertical tail little seasoning vegetables. Included with the noodle bowl also has a plate of green vegetables, one cup of carrots, onions pickled tomatoes, puree a cup of salted fish small shrimps, a plate of crushed garlic, chili, and more specifically, a cup each chopped green chilies left circle small.
Type this chili in many places, but only in Quang people see it as the soul of a meal. Yes, green pepper Quang present throughout the meal meals ranging from Tam Ky to Hoi An and the countryside in the province. This chilli plant in the soil of Quang Nam has its own flavor: spicy, warm sound, soft on the tongue and feeling peaceful transfer until the end of the meal. Eating noodles fried fish pieces, together with the above spices we feel like the accumulation of a quintessential blend of land and Quang. Meal was created for people who enjoy a flavor, impressive, unforgettable.

Hoi Bun Cha Ca is so familiar with the customers want, including Mr. West difficult, because in each of his noodle bowl, piece ball was a bit closer, say something like the sweetest people here. Furthermore, I am sure, this dish is made with pure raw fish with hands professional craftsmanship, meticulous taste so many customers from different regions.

Obviously, Hoi many other poisons, such as high floor, Quang noodles, chicken rice, but for me, the popular fried fish noodle bowl in a popular restaurant like that is enough to confirm that the food culture here is not lost any less delicious food in the tourist city on our country.