Hoi An ancient town

Quang Trieu (Cantonese) Assembly Hall
The Quang Trieu (Cantonese) Assembly Hall, Hoi An is one of the most famous historical buildings in Hoi An, Vietnam. Along with the historical significance, the hall is also a popular tourist attraction in the small town of Hoi An. While touring the town you must visit this Quang Trieu (Cantonese) Assembly Hall to get the pleasure of viewing this architectural heritage of Vietnam.

This colorful Quang Trieu (Cantonese) Assembly Hall was established in the year 1885. Records say that the Chinese Cantonese merchants built this hall. The different parts of the building are separately made in China. After finishing the work, those parts were transferred here and joined together to build the The Quang Trieu (Cantonese) Assembly Hall in Hoi An.

The Assembly Hall holds an amazing fountain that features a dragon. The dragon is a beautiful creation made out of pottery. Besides that, there are more attractions waiting for you inside the Quang Trieu (Cantonese) Assembly Hall in Hoi An. Various Cantonese statues are spread out all over the hall. Some of these statues reflect the musical dramas of he Cantonese culture. Outside the Quang Trieu (Cantonese) Assembly Hall, you will find various shops and markets. The main attractions to the tourists are the silk dresses. So go ahead and buy some silk pajamas for yourself.