Festival in Hoi An ancient town

Tet Trung Thu, as it is known in Vietnam, or the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, is a wonderful ancient festival that revolves around children. The festival, held annually on the 15th of Lunar August in Hoi An, helps create the most charming and picturesque night of the year.

This festival falls on the 12th day of the second month of the lunar calendar, and is celebrated in Lady Thu Bon’s Palace in Duy Tan commune, Duy Xuyen district. It is a traditional festival of the ancient Cham Pa people that was inherited and is still kept nowadays.

Like many festivals in Hoi An, the Long Chu Festival is steeped as much in cultural belief as it in religion. Long Chu festival is celebrated on the 15th of the seventh and eighth lunar month, when the new season is coming and the old one is leaving, and the entire climat is uncertain.

The Nguyen Tieu Festival is celebrated annually by the Chinese living in Hoi An on the 16th of the first lunar month of January, at Guangdong and Chaozhou Assembly Hall.

For centuries, the Whale Festival in Quang Nam Province has been considered to be the biggest water festival by the fishermen living there.

The 15th day of the seventh lunar month is the Buddhist version of the Christian All Soul’s Day, when the souls of those condemned to suffer in hell for their sins are freed for a day.